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Dance has always been a major influence for me, and especially for my photography. Even when I’m not in a studio, I can’t keep my eyes off dancers. There’s just something about the rhythm and the grace and the struggle that makes so much more sense than everything else…


RockCity Lookbook for Scarcity Detroit 

Featuring Stephanie Blair

Photography by Bree Gant


I always forget to breathe when I’m in dance class, and I’m just realizing I do the same thing with photography.

I can get so focused on distracted by getting the perfect shot of what I have in my head that I forget to look at what’s in front of me. I hunch my shoulders and cave in my chest and grip the camera like it might jump out of my hands—trying too hard. It’s definitely an old habit. But I’m leanring.

Much love to Detroit yogi and fellow creator, Jazmyn. Namaste. 


Geena | Design Artist & Professional Piercer | Detroit


Sneak Peek: RockCity Lookbook recently shot our first fall set featuring Aldo shoes! We had so much fun and the images look great. 

This was definitely a step up in shooting for me. Not because of the great creative team or my new camera—I’ve had both for a while now. But I finally got the images I saw in my mind to come through the camera. 

I’ve shot far more fashion than anything, but it’s really not my strongsuit. I’m a portrait artist, self-portraiture. Fashion requires a particular commitment to detail, and I find the required energy better used broadly. 

Still, I always come back to fashion. It almost feels like fundamental shooting, now. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, though; time to push. 


The Composition of Awareness at the Untitled Bottega featuring work from Gerard Thi3rde, Jimmy Goldfinger$, Sy Vallone, and EFC III.


Efe @ MBAD African Bead Museum | Detroit

Photos by Bree Gant


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